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So, what do you do if your lender backs out or if you doubt it will finance your project? What happens if you have a non-refundable deposit that is at risk? Here is where Bedrock 1st Mortgage comes in.

Bedrock 1st Mortgage is a private money lending source or simply borrowing from a private individual or group. The benefits of this are that you will be talking to the decision maker who can structure deals that work for everyone. Bedrock 1st Mortgage has much more flexibility than a bank or conventional lender.

Private money also called hard money is private money from a professional lender. Bedrock 1st Mortgage has done the “hard” work of accumulating capital and is ready to loan it to you. There are underwriting guidelines, including a low loan-to-value ratio, which is the loan amount compared to the value of the property. Private money loans have accessible funds and are often much easier to qualify for.

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Loan Application The Bedrock 1st Mortgage Team is here to assist you in the completion of the loan application.
Property Inspection Once the loan terms have been approved by the borrower in writing, the Bedrock 1st Mortgage team will physically inspect the property.
Underwriting The Bedrock 1st Mortgage team will underwrite the loan within 48-hours of the receipt of the due diligence materials.
Funding The Bedrock 1st Mortgage team will extend every effort to fund the loan within 45-days from the completion of the loan application and receipt of the due diligence materials.
Private Money Loans What is a hard private money loan? It is a loan funded by a real person, not a bank. It is an investor’s money that they are lending you, based upon the equity you have and the belief you will pay it back the way you promise. It’s a loan you need now. It is secured by real estate you own. It may take creativity. It may require speed, and it requires a private investor group like Bedrock 1st Mortgage. Read More About Private Money Loans
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As a Bedrcok 1st Mortgage borrower, you will experience full transparency related to our business operations, financial reporting, and have direct access to the principals of the firm. Communication is important in every relationship, so expect us to focus on the numbers, the details, and correspond with you as needed. The principals at Bedrock 1st Mortgage invest in every loan with our partners. We stand with you.

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